"Santa's Stationery"

Personalised Santa Letter, Style #3 - A classic letter, written on parchment paper and headed with the words 'From the desk of Santa Claus' The bottom of the page features stylised Christmas decorations in red. Written in brown ink and featuring the official seal of Santa's Workshop.
Our personalised North Pole envelope, featuring a North Pole stamp and postmark.

From the Desk of Santa Claus

Based on Mr. Claus' traditional style, Santa's Stationery is typed using brown ink on the original Remington typewriter that has been in the care of the Claus family for more than eight centuries. Santa's famous red hat on the letterhead and the stylised Christmas decorations at the footer add a fun, modern twist to this classic stationery.

Each of our letter styles feature Santa's genuine signature and the official seal of Santa's Workshop. All letters come presented in a beautiful themed envelope featuring your child's name and location, an exclusive North Pole postage stamp and a certified North Pole postmark.